The Trendy Sport- Beach Handball!

Beach handball as its name suggests played on the beach covered in sand. Unlike other sports with proper fields and halls, it is played on rough sand, so it doesn’t bounce back. It has its roots from Italy during the, and from there it became trendy. It is the most favorite sport of people who want to have a tropical vacation and played globally.

Game Criteria for Beach Handball

Even though indoor handball allows seven players, beach handball has totally different rules. It allows teams to have four players to the maximum including a goalkeeper. Each team also contains four other substitutes and their current players are readily allowed to switch with them. The area utilized to play this sport is also a matter of importance. These sand courts are relatively smaller than indoor and have measurements equivalent to 27 and 12 meters. This is responsible for making the game more intense with this limited area and space. So the outcome is the sudden rise in action.

The Official Time For The Game

Each of these matches has a maximum duration of ten minutes. So they comparatively have shorter matches, unlike the indoor handball game which lasts for thirty minutes.

Rules and Regulations

There are certain boundaries set to play this game. To reach the winning point the participants are required to put the ball in the net. But there is also a room for variation to play this game, spin-shots and long throws are greatly encouraged and are given extra points. Appointing extra score to these shots makes it more exciting and further enhances the excitement level of the audience as well as of the players.

The matches are performed in two to three designed sets, which entirely focuses on which team wins the second round of the set. If both the teams enter a tie then a third round is played to decide the winner of the game, which is also known as the golden goal. Now to win this point, the goal-keeper will throw the ball into the direction of his playmates whereas the other goalkeeper tries to barricade the opposite team’s winning point. This score has been granted two points rather than the normal goal.

Famous Players of This Game

The first Championship was held during 2004, Brazil accomplished to win titles for men and women, but recently Spain claimed the men’s title whereas Hungary won the women’s title. This great sport is claimed as trendy and therefore is recognized worldwide.

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