Tennis-Evolution of the“Game of The Palms”

Tennis is a prevalent sport and is played by people of all ages. It is a sport which not only keeps you healthy and fit but also improves your agility and strength. Considering its past, it was first invented by a Londoner, in 1873, from which modern tennis, which is played nowadays, actually evolved.

Since then, it created sensation not only in London but also in Europe and areas throughout the world. In its early years, people used to play this game in a way in which the ball used to strike their palms, hence it was known as “Game of the palms.”

About Tennis

Two or Four players can play Tennis at the same time. The court consists of a net, which divides each team’s play area into two parts equally. Rackets are used to hit the balls from one side to the other sides of the net. Tennis involves many types of play, in which a player serves the ball over the loss to the opponent. Then two players play and hit the ball back and forth which is usually called a rally.

It involves fast movements and crucial game play between the two teams or two single players. When the players are two, it’s called singles, while when they are four it’s called doubles. A player is awarded a point when its opponent fails to return the ball within the dimensions of the courts or simply fails to hit the ball.

Tennis And Its Significance

Tennis has been termed as the game of a lifetime and is one of the best sports ones can choose to play. As it’s a sport, it is beneficial and provides us with various health benefits. Tennis improves our metabolic functions and hence, help us lose weight by lowering body fat. By improving muscle tone and strength, it increases our reaction time. Furthermore, with the increasing aerobic capacities, it assists in reducing resting heart rate and blood pressure. Also, it enhances our overall bone density.

Other than all this, it has other benefits to count on. It’s a non-impact sport and provides relief from stress. Also, it’s an excellent way to meet people and spend some fun time with your friends. As it’s not dependent on age group and gender, Tennis is entertainment for all people, which is why it is played throughout Australia and many parts of the world.

Being a great physical workout, tennis helps a person physiologically and mentally. So don’t miss out on this social activity and play it with your family and friends. Make sure you take plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated!

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